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ZOZEN BOILERCustomer satisfaction as the standard

Customized solution Sufficeent storage
Sufficient steam storage and heating surface make the boiler to generate bigger thermal power.
Water circulation Water circulation
The boiler water circulation adopts enforced circulation to secure each heat absorbing part can get efficient cooling and prevent vaporization.
Safety devices Safety devices
There are explosion door and flame sensor in the boiler arrangement and so operation is safe and reliable.
Furnace insulation Furnace insulation
Adopt high-class aluminium silicate fibre.Use refractory mortar to keep the furance temperature under 45 and control heat loss effeciently.
Ash removing door Ash removing door
Set up effective ash removing structure to make it easy to maintain,operate and clean.
Manhole,inspection door Manhole,inspection door
Convenient for maintenance,check,clean.

ProductZOZEN Boiler

Company ProfileA strong flagship scale creates a magnificent brand name

12Factory area 120000 m²
12 years professional manufacturer of laser cutting equipment

80000 ㎡Workshop area

Fully automated intelligent equipment assembly line, sufficient supply.

Action louder than words.Hard Work
ERP fine information management integrated system

Advanced production equipment accomplishes advanced technology and advanced technology will decide the top quality products.

To be the best,Technology decides quality.
To be the best,Technology decides quality.

To make every product to be the best,we must all the time pay attention to every detail.A small mistake will cause failure to whole product and will lose credit from clients and that is a credit loss to the society.

Only with persistence of rigorous,Abide by so we can be exquisite and let our company be assured and let customer be assured.

One hour and respond in time
More than 40 provinces and cities cover 1 hours and respond in time

We sttick to the theme of regarding customers ' satisfaction with high quality as the standard,constantly improving the efficiency of quality management system and putting forward all-staff management of flaw-free in quality.Our products apply advanced technology and good performance to meet customers' anticipation and demand.

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